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Advanced Analytics for Mailchimp

Uncover Powerful Insights. Boost Engagement.Reduce Cost.

Increase open and click rates

Discover your most effective acquisition campaigns with in-depth cohort and retention analysis and reduce your CPC significantly

Master advanced targeting

Unleash the power of behavior-based segmentation for unparalleled effectiveness, elevating engagement to new heights

Elevate your content strategy

Gain in-depth insights into your audience with over 80 advanced metrics, empowering you to create tailored content that truly resonates

Maximize your ROI with cohort retention analysis

Discover your most effective ad campaigns using advanced cohort retention analysis and reduce your CPC significantly

Minimize CPC with instant visibility into successful ad campaigns

Cohort retention analysis provides a visual representation of your most successful subscriber acquisition campaigns. Easily identify and replicate campaigns with the highest retention rates, resulting in increased opens and clicks without the added cost.

Boost campaign performance by focusing on loyal subscribers

Prioritizing subscriber acquisition with higher retention rates leads to a higher click-through-rate (CTR) and ultimately higher profit. Focus on subscribers who most likely engage with your content, results in a significant boost to your campaign performance.

Improve your targeting based on user behavior

Unlock the power of behavioral data to boost subscriber engagement and drive conversions

Create super-relevant campaigns with advanced segmentation

With's sophisticated segmentation tools, you can easily identify and address targeted groups of subscribers, such as those who have already opened similar campaigns or clicked on related content.

Optimize costs with audience grooming

Reduce your campaign costs by removing long-term inactive users from your mailing list. Proactively identify users who are at risk of becoming inactive, and send targeted rescue campaigns or special offers to re-engage them before they churn.

Create irresistible content for your audience

Leverage over 80 advanced metrics to perfectly tailor your content to your audience's needs

Monitor your audience's growth

Monitor your audience's growth in detail, spot trends, and respond immediately to performance drops. Stay on top of your audience's needs and preferences to ensure your ad campaigns always resonate with them.

Compare your campaigns

Easily compare campaigns, analyze relevant metrics over time, and adjust your content to your audience's needs. Fine-tune your messaging and select properly matching content for future campaigns based on data and insights.

Measure engagement

Advanced metrics enable you to measure and optimize open and click-rates. Identify successful campaigns, and build upon working concepts. Create irresistible content, connect with your audience and drive engagement.

Get data protection and privacy out of the box

As a desktop application guarantees, that your and your subscribers data never leave your network

Protect your and your subscribers data

Data protection and privacy are paramount to us. As a desktop application guarantees, that your data stays your data. Synchronization, storage and analysis happen on your device, solely. None of your data nor parts of it are transfered to servers.

Synchronize online, analyze offline is built to work offline. No matter whether in a board room, train or remote location - data analysis can be run without any network connection, once the latest subscriber and campaign data have been synchronized.

Be ressourceful

Make use of hardware that you already own, instead a new VM spun up in the cloud. offers real-time analytics capabilities on affordable hardware and we are continuously improving performance as well as capabilities to match your requirements.

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